Top 5 wishlist of the Elementary School Library

November 12, 2008


The ES kids went all the way for series! Smart of them ;). And here is the list:

1. Captain Underpants series

2. Narnia series

3. Junie B. Jones series

4. Pirates of the Carribean

5. Laura Numeroff series


Top 5 wishlist for the High School Library

November 7, 2008

And here is the Top 5 wishlist for the High School library:

  1. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner 
  2. Christopher Paolini Brsingr 
  3. Lauren Weisberger Everyone worth knowing 
  4. Yab Ugyen Dorji Of rainbows and Clouds 
  5. Stephenie Meyer Twilight series

The following authors were also mentioned more than once: Stephen King, Rick Riordan, Robert Ludlum, Nicholas Sparks, J.K Rowling, Tim LaHaye, Roald Dahl, Clint Catalyst, Miyamoto Musashi, Chitra Banejee, Agatha Christie, George R. R. Martin, Meg Cabot, Manga in general, Tolkien

Thank you all who contributed!

Top 5 wishlist for Middle School Library

November 7, 2008

In the middle school library, the following books were the most wished for to be added to the library. This was an activity for the International School Library Month of October 2008.

  1. Ranada Fattal, 10 things I hate about me
  2. Lauren St. John, The Dolphin Song
  3. Michael Morporgo, Born to run
  4. Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian, Tara Duncan series (in french?)

Well, actually it became a top 4 list, since not many books were asked for more than once. Interesting that you all have your own different reading taste!

The following authors were mentioned more than once, but for different titles from the same author:

Eoin Colfer, Jacqueline Wilson, Deborah Ellis, Spencer Johnson, Meg Cabot, Agatha Christie, Khaled Hosseini

Thank you all who participated!