Prezi help

September 2, 2009

I love that so many of you have started to use Prezi. It is such a cool presentation tool. I have added the link to the prezi manual on the resources page.

Remember! When you are downloading your finished Prezi presentation, it will be in a zipped file. You need to have winzip installed to unzip the file in order to show your prezi on an offline computer. Once you have the winzip, it’s easy to do. Winzip is available here if you are on the KIS network, or here to download.

Ask me if you need help!


Scholastic gifts

August 19, 2009


Attention all STUDENTS who bought books at the Scholastic book fair last weekend. Scholastic has now sent a big box of gifts to be distributed like this:

If you bought books for more than:

Rs 250 – you get the wallet
Rs 500 – you get the folder
Rs 750 – you get the lamp

Please come to the libraries and pick up your gifts. Grade K-8 gifts will be sent to the K-8 Library tomorrow Thursday at lunch time.

Literary Evening Ms Usha K R

August 6, 2009

Ms Usha K R is a writer and editor who lives and works in Bangalore. She has been writing fiction in English for over 2 decades, beginning with short stories which were published in various Indian magazines. Her story Sepia Tones won the Katha Award for fiction in English in 1995.

She will read from her work at the KMU on Friday, August 7th starting at 6.30 pm.

All are invited!


  • Sepia Tones
  • Sojourn
  • The chosen
  • A Girl and a River

Image from The Hindu.

Academic search elite is not working

July 30, 2009

At the moment our subscription to the database Academic Search Elite from EBSCO is not working. I have reported this to EBSCO and hopefully this will be solved very soon.

Welcome and welcome back!

July 13, 2009

A big welcome to all new students and staff, and welcome back to everyone else!

A lot of new text books and library books have arrived during vacation time, so come in and have a look when you have time. I will also be very happy to demonstrate our new Encyclopedia Britannica for Schools that is an online resource that you can use whenever on the KIS network.

Encyclopedia Britannica online

July 13, 2009

I am very happy to tell you that we now have an online subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica for Schools. The Encyclopedia is structured into 3 levels, Primary schools, Middle School and Senior High School. So hopefully this will be a useful resource for everyone that needs to check an encyclopedia for information.

The encyclopedia is very up to date. Film clips and news will be added almost immediately when major events in the world occur.

There are also teachers resources, and educational games.

I hope you will all find this useful! The link you will find on the library website under Find Information.


Middle School Library closed from May 15th

May 7, 2009

From May 15th, the Middle School Library will be closed for the move to Elementary School.

Expect the Library to be in the preparation stages of the move from now on, especially from Tuesday the 12th and onwards.

If you need a refuge or a book, come to the High School library.