Top 5 wishlist for the High School Library

And here is the Top 5 wishlist for the High School library:

  1. Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner 
  2. Christopher Paolini Brsingr 
  3. Lauren Weisberger Everyone worth knowing 
  4. Yab Ugyen Dorji Of rainbows and Clouds 
  5. Stephenie Meyer Twilight series

The following authors were also mentioned more than once: Stephen King, Rick Riordan, Robert Ludlum, Nicholas Sparks, J.K Rowling, Tim LaHaye, Roald Dahl, Clint Catalyst, Miyamoto Musashi, Chitra Banejee, Agatha Christie, George R. R. Martin, Meg Cabot, Manga in general, Tolkien

Thank you all who contributed!


18 Responses to Top 5 wishlist for the High School Library

  1. Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” is fabulous, as is the Movie! I’d also like to read Balram Halwai’s “White Tiger”. Thank you Cheri for your review.

  2. Joe Roos says:

    I really like this list of authors and have read some. But I must say, I’m not a Tim LaHaye fan at all. I think his simplistic novels on the end time do a great disservice to Christianity. He paints a picture of fear and proclaims a very truncated gospel. I know at an academic institution we should have all kinds of books, representing a wide swath of perspectives, but this is one author who I think gives a very distorted view of Christianity.

    Thanks for the blog.

  3. brian.bae says:

    oh im so waiting for the book Everyone Worth Knowing by L. Weisberger!:p

  4. Tyler Washichek says:

    get some extra books to help people read more and help more people read what they want was a great idea. I personaly am a fan of J.K. Rowling and J. R. Tolkin. I’m glad that the library is getting more books

  5. sidhanth rijhwani says:

    brsingr is amindblowing book i think its christopher paolinis best work so far, its so intersting that you dont want to stop reading it .it keeps you on the edge of your seats throughout the book. from starting to ending a very interesting book. i cant wait for the last book of the inheritance series

  6. Anushka M says:

    I really wanted to read the Kite runner and the rest of the Twilight series. I’m reading the first book right now and it is really good. Rick Riordan and JK rowling and really great authors. JK Rowling of course wrote Harry Potter and Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson series which are really good. The Percy Jackson and Twilight movies will be coming out soon.

  7. Martin Hahn says:

    Dear Anna,

    Thank you for your posting on that led to your blog.

    Hosseini’s second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, is also quite good. See (I’m not sure if a hyperlink works in a comment.)


  8. Tyler Washichek says:

    I’m glad that the libaray is getting more books for students to read. I personally am a fan or J. R. Tolkin and Stephen King

  9. Anushka M says:

    I was waiting for the Kite runner! I was also hoping for the twilight series since I am reading the first book right now and it’s really good. JK Rowling and Rick Riordan are also really talented authors and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series are really good. Khaled Hosseni’s Thousand Splendid suns is also a really, really good book. The twilight and percy jackson movies are coming out this year.

  10. Penny Ohana says:

    Congrats on a great new initiative – let’s encourage reading other than comments on FaceBook! hahahaha

  11. Raja Sen says:

    I have watched the movies based on the first 2 listed and would like to read the books now, although I would have preferred to do it the other way around! Nice to see a cross-cultural representation in the top 5!

  12. Divakar Dev says:

    Brisingr was a great choice. however i already bought the book before the library go it. if id only known… well hopefully itll spur on the generation of fantasy lovers. 😀

  13. kislibrarian says:

    THANK YOU ALL! for you comments! 🙂

    Bryan – I haven’t read it – but it is on my to-read list now!

    Joe – I had not even heard of LaHaye until I noticed the books in the library. I’ll have to read one.

    Brian – it’s here now! Just have to add it to the library…

    Tyler – I too like both Tolkien and Rowling and have read both LOTR and potterseries several times…

    Sidhanht – I am slowly getting a bit curious about Paolini – first I was a bit put off by the blatant name ripoff (Eragorn/Aragorn) all though I know he was just 15 when he wrote it. Guess I have a long to-read list soon…

    Anuskha – I am at Eclipse now on the Twilight series. I think I liked the first book best though. After A while I get slightly bored with the “he was so beautiful I could hardly breathe” sessions, but I think Bella is cool! I want to see the movie though! Percy Jackson I have no clue about. Have to check that out.

    Penny – I love Facebook ;).

    Raja – I was also pleased by the cross-cultural!

    Divakar – but your order inspired me to get one for the library as well – so well done! 🙂

  14. Andry says:

    Doesn’t the library already have Rowling and Tolkien?? I was SO hoping to read George RR Martin–I’ve only read one of his books so far and I adored it!!

  15. kislibrarian says:

    Andry – we have plenty of Rowling and Tolkien and we’re not getting any more now ;). I’ll have a look att George RR Martin as well!

  16. Yash Malci says:

    Can’t the library get some books about musicians.. not classical musicians, but modern day musicians.. such as Jimi Hendrix, JIm Morrison, John Lennon, Bob Dylan etc… That would be really interesting… They would probably be biographical / autobiographical…

  17. kislibrarian says:

    Yash – good Idea – I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. i’m enjoying aatish taseer’s (kis class ’99) ‘stranger to fiction’. not only has it stimulated conversation on circumcision but it has sparked tok dialog on religion and culture. aatish’s father in a letter accuses him of spreading ‘invidious anti-muslim propaganda’ and aatish tries to understand how his unbelieving, scotch drinking, pork eating father can hold on to religion, deeper even than nationality and thus plans his trip from istanbul to mecca, into iran and eventually pakistan.

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