Cool cat teachers list and Classroom 2.0

April 27, 2009

I know many of you probably thinks that the whole Classroom 2.0 is slightly overwhelming. I have been on the 2.0 scene since it started, and I am still overwhelmed most of the time ;). That’s why I like these kinds of lists. This is a list of 122 applications, softwares and sites that the writer, Cool Cat Teacher recommends, along with why she likes and uses them.

(And for those of you who are practicing Christians, she has written a post about Bible study and her ITouch! 🙂

PS. The link Classroom 2.0 goes to a great and very alive NING (online community) about classroom 2.0. Another way to get onto it is to become a member of that one and start exploring with the help of collegues from all over the world.



April 6, 2009

That Twitter is huge – is a fact. And with more and more people using it, more and more tools for twitter also become available.

First – a link to 9 great reasons why teachers should use Twitter.

and then – to find interesting topics to follow – 7 Top Twitter Topic Trackers

And for an extensive list of Twitter tools, like “find other tweeters”, “Twitter for groups” and “Twitter to keep you organized” click on the image below:

And don’t forget to follow me on twitter. If you add yourself, notify me, and I’ll tweet you to get people to add you, and welcome you to twitter.

Google earth PRO

January 14, 2009

Google earth PRO is free for educators! Read more here.

Meg Cabot blogs

November 17, 2008

One of the most borrowed authors in the KIS libraries is Meg Cabot. And she has a blog! I would have liked it even more if there was a comments option, but sometimes that can get out of hand so I guess it’s understandable. But I really do think that blogs are about more than one way communication.


November 13, 2008

Exploratree provides a number of free thinking guides, and is a useful tool for developing your own thinking guide as well. According to Exploratree, a thinking guide is a tool or a framework for thinking through an issue from different perspectives or aspects.

It is an easy enough interface I thought, and if you register, you can save your thinking guides and share them with others.

Good example

November 13, 2008

Grade 4 at Yokohama International School is defining Japanese culture with a lot of photos on posterous. Great idea!

And I must say that posting on Posterous was extremely easy, just email anything you want to post, like text, a picture, and MP3, files, videos and kaboom – it’s there. Great! Read the FAQ.

Brave new classroom 2.0

October 22, 2008

I am definitely going to follow this blog forum, Brave new classroom 2.0, over at There will be debate, posts and comments from both tech-lovers, and those who highly question the importance of technology in the classroom, and those in between.

I found it through Asst Prof. Michael Wesch, whose “an anthropological introduction to YouTube” I would like to show all staff some time. Those of you who came to my repeat session of web applications for web 2.0, have seen his famous video “the machines are us/ing us” already.