Welcome and welcome back!

July 13, 2009

A big welcome to all new students and staff, and welcome back to everyone else!

A lot of new text books and library books have arrived during vacation time, so come in and have a look when you have time. I will also be very happy to demonstrate our new Encyclopedia Britannica for Schools that is an online resource that you can use whenever on the KIS network.


Middle School Library closed from May 15th

May 7, 2009

From May 15th, the Middle School Library will be closed for the move to Elementary School.

Expect the Library to be in the preparation stages of the move from now on, especially from Tuesday the 12th and onwards.

If you need a refuge or a book, come to the High School library.

What is going on?

April 1, 2009

After getting the results of the poll about how you want the fiction organized, we are starting the project to move all the paperbacks in with the hardcover.

To be able to do so, we are first creating a second language section where the bound volumes of magazines used to be.

So – books might be diffuicult to find for a while, as always, just ask anyone of us in the library and we will help you.

Books in MS library

March 12, 2009

We have started to prepare the book collection in the MS library for the move out of the MS library. The books are being sorted into the following categories:

  • Books that are being moved to the ES library
  • Books that are being moved to the library storage in the HS library
  • Books that are being discarded from the library

Since the books needs to be moved to the ES library before this semester ends, we have started to divide the collection into two collections. 1. The books that are going to the ES library 2. The rest of the books.

This means that books on one particular subject, is now divided onto 2 different shelves. If it is confusing, please ask the MS library staff for help. Please remember that MS students are also welcome to use the HS library resources!

Creative signs

November 3, 2008

I know you can’t read the signs, since it is in Swedish, but I really liked the idea. At my old job we made an extensive survey among the students about what they wished for/lacked in the physical libraries. And now they are remodeling the library to fulfill the wishes that were very relevant or very continious.

These signs are wordles created from the lists that came from the survey, it says:
This is want you wanted! We are remodeling!
And then the actual wishes: quiet reading room, more reading spaces, more secluded rooms for group activities, a coffee shop, more comfortable places, better light, better copy machines etc.

I am putting user survey on my quite extensive todo list. This library is yours!!

PS. Asa, the librarian behind the signs, is coming to visit me in January and she will do some volonteer work here at that time. Maybe I’ll ask her to put together the survey for me…