Webcam mash on Google maps

April 20, 2009

Google maps has done a mashup with, so that you can now choose to see live webcams on Google maps. Of course you can just go straight to as well.

The coverage of India is somewhat… not so good. I found ONE live webcam in the whole of India. Strange isn’t it? The place in India that you can quitely watch from your computer at home is from Tamil Nadu! Mount Arunachala Tiruvannamalai.

So I went and had a look of my beautiful hometown Stockholm instead. I’m not sure if I should recommend that or not – it made me cry in my office. But it sure felt nice to be able to take a peak! Most webcams from Stockholm displays roads in to and out from Stockholm, to help people decide on wheather it’s worth it to go out on the road and get stuck in traffic, or not. I used to use that featureĀ a lot, the few months we had a car.



November 7, 2008

World mapper

Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

They described so well in just one short sentence or the web site. This is a quite effective visual tool, for discussing the differences in our planet. The image above shows the clothing export. Countries who export a lot more than they import are big, countries who import a lot more than they export are small. Quite immidiate isn’t it?